What is a peshtemal??

June 13, 2016

A peshtemal (pesh-ta-mahl) is a traditional towel often referred to as a fouta, hamam towel, or even just Turkish towels. The lightweight Turkish linen is flat woven from various textiles such as honeycomb, linen, cotton, and silk. They also boast an aesthetically pleasing hand tied fringe along the outer edges that can be only achieved by the meticulous care of hands devoted to maintaining tradition.

What sets Simple Life Istanbul’s peshtemals apart?  Easy.  Our dedication to authenticity is shown in every step of the process. We are a Turkish company and due to this, we know what makes a good peshtemal.  Knowing this we’ve scoured the Turkish countryside looking for the best weavers to make sure our peshtemals showcase the highest level of Turkish craftsmanship.  Maintaining custom by using Turkish weavers means there is no comparison in the quality in the product, that each peshtemal differs from the last ever so slightly, and that you’re not receiving a run of the mill towel but a peshtemal immersed in the experience, created by loving human hands with attention to detail and are supporting a time-tested traditions with your purchase, rather than just a company.


Beyond the aesthetics and tradition, peshtemals are known for their thin yet surprisingly absorbent nature.  They air dry much quicker after showering which means you can avoid doing laundry that much longer, sans the musty towel smell.  And when it comes time to wash your pesehtemal, you’ll find that it dries rather quickly, saving energy.  Not to mention, that your peshtemal will get softer and more absorbent as it gets “broken in” with every wash.

With their artistic minimalistic meets classic design, why limit your peshtemal to just the bathroom?  We love to use ours around the house as a decorative throw or table runner, worn as a sarong or as the perfect get away towel that can easily be thrown in your bag.

Whether adding to your collection or starting to feed a new addiction, we at Simple Life Istanbul have the perfect peshtemal to compliment your style. With so many colors and textiles—why not treat yourself to one… or seven?

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