All About Turkish Yemeni Shoes

June 09, 2017

turkish leather yemeni slip-on shoes

Put away those rubber flip flops.  The only shoes you need this summer are Turkish yemeni slip-ons.  These traditional leather shoes, handcrafted in Gaziantep, have been popping up all over the world but have been a Turkish staple for centuries (around 700 years to be exact).  Made from natural leathers, yemeni shoes not only look great, they resist humidity and keep your feet cool and dry.  Over time, the shoes take on the shape of your feet making them the most comfortable shoes you will likely ever wear.

So how are they made??

These classic leather shoes feature a goatskin or cowhide upper, soft insoles lined with sheepskin, and sturdy outsoles made from tanned buffalo. Everything comes together with hand stitching using beeswax-coated twine and a natural rubber sole is applied for extra durability.  

handmade turkish leather yemeni slip-on shoes

Some tips for buying your first pair of Turkish yemeni shoes...

Your shoes should fit snug at first with your toes touching the end of the shoe.  Over time the natural materials will mold to your feet and the stitching will soften so that you should no longer feel it.  Please refer to our size guide for an accurate fit.  

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