Behind the Design: The Ebru Marble Ceramics Collection

July 09, 2016


Scroll through some of the your favorite design instagram feeds and there is one pattern you will undoubtedly see -- marble.  This pattern can be found on anything from furniture to t-shirts, even surfboards.  Our Ebru marble ceramics collection fits right in with this latest trend but our inspiration actually goes back centuries to the traditional art of paper marbling.  

Much like the traditional art of Ebru, which uses different colors of paint blended into a marble pattern that's then transferred on paper, our ceramics collection is made by mixing different colors of clay, then pressed into moulds.  The artisans in our atelier spend hours making each piece by hand.  Since all of the colors are in the clay, the results are a stunningly rich and intricate pattern.  

One of our artists meticulously working on a dinner plate.

Some serving bowls waiting to be glazed.

 The top to one of our cookie stands.

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